Winter 2017-2018 Wedding Trends - Niverville Event Centre
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Winter 2017-2018 Wedding Trends

Winter 2017-2018 Wedding Trends

We love Winter Weddings at the Niverville Heritage Centre! It may be chilly outside, but the love that fills our all-inclusive venue keeps us warm and cozy. While ‘Wedding Season’ may officially be in the summer, Winter weddings bring their own set of charm and unique characteristics that can a dream-come-true for a happy couple.

Winter comes with its own enchantment– especially for weddings during the holiday season! Twinkle lights on trees, fragrant evergreen branches as floral touches, and a touch of sparkle like a fresh snowfall make winter weddings stand out. If your wedding is during the anticipation season of Christmas, touches of red berries make for a festive look. If your wedding is in the new year, sparkles and jewel tones lend themselves so beautifully to the crispness of the season.

While a winter wedding can be interpreted in so many unique ways, there are some trends for the 2017-2018 Winter Wedding season sure to get you wishing for a winter wonderland wedding.


Geode Cake
Geode cakes have been rising in popularity over the past few months and winter months really let this trend shine! With florals being more out of season, couples are opting for geode cakes to mesh with the feel of winter. We must say, we love these cakes and hope to see one or two of them this season at the Niverville Heritage Centre!


(Faux) Fur
When it’s cold outside, you need to stay warm! Fur or Faux Fur details will be taking a focus this year during the colder months, making their appearance as shrugs for the ladies, and hats for men during outdoor photos.


Burgundy & Jewel Tones
Burgundy is the colour of winter weddings, especially those happening before Christmas. The contrast of this moody red colour works perfectly against the snow white background and general outdoor tones in winter of greys and greens. Jewel tones are perfect for post-holiday season weddings where you may opt for portraying the cool tones of winter while still bringing in the colours you love like blush, purple and periwinkle.


Adding some sparkle to your wedding day in winter is almost a necessity! The glitz and glam from snow and ice pairs perfectly with a touch of sparkle in your wedding details. From a touch of glitter on place settings to some sparkle-touches added to your centrepieces, bringing even a small bit of the magic of ice inside is sure to never go out of winter style.


Hot Cocoa Bar
One trend that pops up every winter and will stick around for many more is the Hot Cocoa Bar! Kid friendly with additions for adults, this sweet treat is always a crowd pleaser! If you haven’t heard of a hot cocoa bar before, it’s simply a few varieties of hot chocolate, and a table of all the fixings to make a beverage from marshmallows and whip cream to candy canes, caramel, sprinkles and more! Similar to a candy bar, this sweet table treat can also suffice as the favour for your wedding guests and can be perfect for them to put in a to-go cup for their drive home on a chilly night.


Take a cue from the great outdoors and bring wood inside for your wedding. Wood becomes a trend every year in winter due its versatility and availability. Name holders, candle holders, or as platters for your cake or treats, wood always makes a comeback partially due to its neutral colour and classic look.


Candles, while often part of a wedding reception, take centre stage during winter weddings. The warm glow of a candle is a welcome part of the winter season and small tealights and bold flowers are replaced with large pillars and wooden touches.


Our roundup of Winter 2017-2018 trends leaves us beyond excited for all our beautiful brides and grooms who will be tying the knot with us at the Niverville Heritage Centre. Our all-inclusive weddings aim to match bride with details and we can be sure to incorporate all the trends of the year into your special day!


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