Wedding First Dance - Niverville Event Centre
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Wedding First Dance

Wedding First Dance


Choosing your first dance can often be frustrating. Here are 3 tips to help make your choice the perfect one!

1. Practice: This is the perfect excuse to put on some good music and dance in your living room. Some couples opt to take dancing lessons while others watch youtube video’s over and over. You will feel 100 times better knowing you took some time to practice before the wedding day. Start practicing at least 3-6 months before your wedding day.  Wear your wedding day shoes and a dress that is equally as long as your wedding day dress.

2. Decide on what mood you want the music to create: Creating a mood can be completely dependant on your personality. Are you wanting to set the mood for romance and love or let your true colours shine with a fun, up-beat dance that will surprise ( or maybe not) your guests. Keep the song to a fairly short length and make sure to check in with your DJ and photographer to make sure everyone is on the same track and ready for the dance.

3.  Don’t get frustrated, Have fun:  Make sure you smile when you dance and look into each others eyes.  Not only will you feel more relaxed and look confident to your guests but you will also look better in pictures if you smile. Just remember, this is your wedding day and you just married your best friend. Enjoy the moment!


We found this website with some really great videos and tips.



Photo by Moore Photography

Watch this fun video for some great ‘first dance’ songs.