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Top Bridal Shower Themes


Top Bridal Shower Themes

Holiday engagements bring spring bridal showers and summer weddings. It’s a pattern those of us in the wedding industry have come to expect and one we also love. We love spring bridal showers– from the pastel palettes to the wide array of gorgeous blooms springing up everywhere, it seems like nature agrees that spring celebrations of a growing love are a must!


If you’re planning a bridal shower this spring for our of your closest friends, we’d like to offer you some bridal shower theme ideas to help ease the planning and ensure the bridal shower goes off without a hitch!


1 – Spring

This one may be an obvious one, but hosting a Spring themed shower can be a wonderful way to invite the natural elements and palette into the celebration! From bouquets of tulips to pretty pastel tones, a spring theme is both gorgeous and simple to coordinate since a holiday like Easter means stores are packed with pastel decor!


2 – Vintage

A vintage theme is always a winner for a bridal shower. Beautiful china and place settings can be borrowed from parents or grandparents, picture frames from a thrift store can be used to display the menu and even stacks of vintage books can be used for decor! It’s a beautiful theme accessible for all budgets.


3 – Favourite Movie

If the bride-to-be has a favourite movie or television show, theme the bridal shower to this favourite! From a magical Harry Potter themed shower to an elegant Cinderella theme, working on the hand-crafted touches for a movie themed party can be a great way for you and your fellow bridesmaids to get to know each other and will make a memorable shower for all who attend.


4 – Brunch

Brunch themed shower are popping up everywhere as brunch moves from trend to staple. A brunch shower can be a classy theme with mimosas and fresh flowers or more family-friendly with stacks of mini pancakes and a fresh juice station! This theme is sure to delight the foodie bride and will make everyone happy with the variety of both breakfast and lunch menu items!


5 – Colour

From an all-white bridal shower to all-pink or all-gold, a themed shower in the brides favourite colour is sure to make her smile! A perk of a party with a colour theme is how craft supply stores often sell sets of decorations in colour themed packs, making decorating a breeze! Add flowers and napkins in your chosen theme colour and you instantly have a gorgeous shower!


No matter what theme you choose for the bridal shower of your wonderful friend, soul sister and confidante, as long as you keep the guest list filled with those she loves, she is sure to enjoy and appreciate any celebration you have planned!