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How To Pick A Colour Palette For Your Wedding

How To Pick A Colour Palette For Your Wedding

Long gone are the days when choosing your ‘wedding colours’ was as simple as picking out two or three of your favourite colours to be the feature for your flowers, bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen ties, and table cloths. Wedding colours have evolved to a wedding colour palette– robust with shades, tones, texture references and overall feel.

What caused this shift? As with most things these days, we can casually say we blame the internet and it’s a valid answer. Designers and visually inclined creatives have been able to share their inspiration palettes across various platforms from blogs to Pinterest, inspiring the every-day bride-to-be to include a more comprehensive colour palette and wedding theme compared to weddings even just 10 years ago.

Choosing a colour palette for your wedding can be fun and easy, and will help guide the way for your decor, flowers and overall mood of your wedding. Below are our top tips for choosing a colour palette for your wedding.

1 – Your favourite colours.
If you and your partner have favourite colours you are continually drawn to, this is a great place to start. If you’re unsure of what your favourite colours are, look around your home or wardrobe and see what colours are most likely trending throughout your life. Take a look at the art you like most or the Instagram feeds you follow you gain most inspiration from. Find a couple favourite colours that really speak to you as a starting point… just make sure they work well together!

2 – Location.
If you know where you are getting married and where your reception will be, take a little visit with colours in mind. If your venue has bold colours built in, you may want to keep your choice colours on the lighter side so you aren’t competing for attention, or end up clashing.

3 – Season.
While the season doesn’t have to dictate your colour palette, some seasons just lend themselves to certain colours. Fall, for example, lends itself to richer colours in warm hues. If you’re planning a wedding during this season, picking a bold purple to accent your wedding with may be difficult to match with. Pastels and dusty colours can look beautiful no matter what season you’re in. Another reason to keep the season in mind is for bridesmaids dresses– picking a colour that isn’t necessarily ‘in season’ may be harder to find or may require you to order from a bridal store instead of seeking out options at boutique shops.

4 – Check the Colour Wheel.
Remember the colour wheel from art class in elementary school? The colour wheel will be especially helpful if you’re in love with one favourite colour, but you’re not sure what to pair it with. There are a few options when referencing the colour wheel to find colours to match.

Colours will look beautiful together if they are: Opposite each other on the colour wheel (complementary colours) or beside each other (analogous colours).

5 – Shades, Tones and Neutrals
If there’s one colour you love, and can’t seem to find another colour to pair with it, you’re in luck! The beauty of a colour palette is adding in various shades, tints, or tones of the base colour you love. Another way to enhance your colour palette is through neutrals. Beiges and greys, and metallics like bronze, gold and rose gold, can all help create a well-rounded colour palette.

6 – Pinterest. Always.
Pinterest is an incredible resource to find new palettes and colour combinations. If you have an idea for a colour palette, a quick search can show you options with real-wedding examples to see if what you are imaging translates into real-life. It’s also a great place to find ideas if you’re struggling with adding colours to a palette. Even a basic search of ‘blue wedding colour palettes’ pops up thousands of results to inspire you and help narrow your options to what will work best for you and your wedding.

7 – Represent!
Your wedding colour palette should represent you and your partner! Colour palette inspiration can come from the place you first met or where the proposal took place, a favourite vacation spot, or items in your home with sentimental value.

8 – Wedding Feel.
Your colours will dictate the feel of your wedding. If you’re looking to have a beachy wedding on the water, shades of blue, teals and sand tones perfectly match the feel you are looking to create on your special day. If you’re looking for a dreamy romantic feel, soft shades of pink or peach with a rich mauve and details of rose gold help portray the feel.

9 – Magic Number
There’s no magic number of colours to pick out that will result in the perfect colour palette. We suggest 2 stand-out colours, a shade or tint of each one, plus one neutral to start. These 5 colours can guide you as you make decisions and you can always add more or change as you go if you find certain colours aren’t working for you.

Once you’ve settled on a colour palette head over to your local hardware store and pick up paint swatches with the colours. Since even saying something that may seem straightforward, like ‘light pink’, can be open to interpretation, paint swatches are great to pick up and handoff to your florist, wedding planner, and bridesmaids for reference when selecting details. Keeping some swatches on hand with you during your wedding planning process means you’ll always have them for reference when the unexpected comes up!

Picking a colour palette should be fun and evoke a sense of excitement around your wedding! If your colours don’t inspire you, it’s time to pick some new ones! If looking at certain colours makes you dream of your special day, then you’re on the right path to choosing the perfect colour palette for your wedding. At the Niverville Heritage Centre, we are all about crafting your special day. With our all-inclusive weddings, we can take your colour palette and bring to life the wedding of your dreams.