7 Tips to Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue - Niverville Event Centre
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7 Tips to Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

7 Tips to Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing a venue for your wedding ceremony and reception is a big decision that sets the entire mood for your special day. While some couples know exactly where they want to hold their exchange of vows and celebration with friends and family, others may need a little guidance along the way. Take a look at our 7 Tips to Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue to help you along the journey to see your wedding dreams come to life in a space that truly sets the stage for your memorable day.


1 – Location

The location of the wedding venue is a big thing to consider. Do you live close to family and friends or do you currently live far away? Will many guests have to travel to attend your wedding? Choosing a central location means more loved ones will be able to attend your wedding. Consider where guests will be travelling from, accessibility to the ceremony and reception site, and even travel time and distance between venues if you’re planning separate locations for each part of your day. If you’ve been considering a destination wedding, give guests as much advance notice as possible so they can plan to attend. A destination wedding is often easier on the couple but requires extra budgeting and scheduling so guests can be there to share in your special day.


2 – Season

Some venues lend themselves better to different seasons. An outdoor wedding location can be beautiful in the summer, but try a date too early or late in the season and weather may not be on your side. Make sure to have a backup location for undesirable weather, or a tent ready if needed. Indoor wedding locations are perfect for any season, but may not fit the aesthetic you are going for. Thinking of what the season holds on your blissful day will help you make the right choice.


3 – Wedding Theme

If your wedding has a specific theme or feel, your wedding location should reflect these details. If you’re planning an earthy wedding, an outdoor or woodsy location could lend itself flawlessly to the feel. If your wedding is more traditional, a beautiful church may be better suited to your ceremony with a reception in a timeless ballroom.


4 – Personality

Your wedding venue should reflect you and your future spouse. Keep in mind your unique personalities, and likes and dislikes, when choosing a venue. If you’re fans of art and history, try a sculpture garden or museum. If you’re more home-grown country folks, a reclaimed barn wedding would make the perfect venue! If you’re simple and carefree, why not a backyard wedding at the home of a friend or relative! Staying true to your personality will play a huge role in choosing a wedding venue as perfect and unique as you and your spouse.


5 – Budget

Keep your budget in mind when looking at wedding venues. It can be easy to dismiss budget and fall in love with a venue that is out of price range. Call the venues you are interested in before going to visit to make sure they align with your budget. If they don’t fit your allocation, save yourself the heartache and cross the venue off your list before going to see it! Staying clear of venues out of your price range means each venue you see is a possible option and will keep your creative juices flowing when dreaming up your perfect day.


6 – What’s Included.

Some wedding venues include it all, and some provide the bare minimum. Not all venues are created equally. Do a little research into the venues you are interested in using and be sure to ask what is included in the price. Some venues have in-house florists, linens, tables, chairs, decorations, food, and even more that are available for use and can even be set up for you the day of the wedding. Other venues leave all the details up to you which requires you to plan in advance and call in the bridal party and family troops to get the place dream-wedding ready! Always ask and consider what you’ll have time to do to get the wedding venue up to the standards of your vision.


7 – Consider Your Guests

Step one, pick a date. Step two, pick a venue. Step three, work on all the other details.

That’s generally the order couples go in when planning their wedding. We suggest adding in ‘discuss how many wedding guests’ between steps one and two to ensure you find the right venue for the amount of loved ones you are inviting. And while we are considering guests, ask the venue how many guests the desired venue can hold comfortably. This is often different from the maximum capacity. You’ll want to be sure your guests feel comfortable and don’t feel overcrowded. Also, consider guests that require special access to the building and ensure the venue is fully accessible.


At the Niverville Heritage Centre, we take all the venue details into consideration as a beautiful site for both your ceremony and reception. Our All-Inclusive weddings really do include it all from decorations to set-up, food, tables, linens, and the list goes on! If you’re looking for a venue that truly considers all the details so you can be fully present and enjoy your wedding day, take into consideration the Niverville Heritage Centre for one of the most memorable days of your lifetime. Learn more about our All-Inclusive Weddings, and contact us for more information.