Niverville Event Centre | 5 things to keep in mind when hiring a Videographer
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5 things to keep in mind when hiring a Videographer


5 things to keep in mind when hiring a Videographer

We absolutely love wedding photographers and most photographers will do an amazing job at capturing tears, laughter, smiles and more. A good photograph can speak a thousand words but what if you could hear those words?  Videographers can capture raw emotion, a killer groomsmen speech, your grandma’s well wishes, your uncles dance moves, your dad’s tears as he spins you in circles. We came up with a short

  1. How would you describe your style? Do they have a journalistic/documentary style?  Are they videoing your event as it unfolds or are they interviewing guests, setting up shots and interacting more with you and your guests throughout the day? This is an important time to ask for samples to see what type of style you like most.
  1. What kind of equipment do you use? This is a really great question to ask because it affects the final video. How many different cameras do you have? How many different angles are they able to capture?  Are they planning on showing up with a handheld camcorder or a giant news camera ( no lie, I’ve seen this happen)? Ask your videographer if they plan on having stationary cameras set up or just handheld. Also, it’s very important to ask about back up equipment. We have all seen those hilarious yet devastating videos on Youtube of some poor wedding videographer or photographer who has backed into a pond or water fountain while holding their camera with your video in it. Making sure your videographer is prepared with back up equipment is extremely important.
  1. Connection: Do you connect with your videographer? Do they make you feel comfortable and at ease? Don’t forget, this is your wedding day ( arguably the most important day of your life) and you want the video, the photos, and the entire experience to be seamless, carefree and most of all, a blast!  Another important thing to keep in mind is the connection between your videographer and the rest of your wedding team, especially your photographer since they will be working together for shots all day.
  1. Do they have insurance? Do you have back up equipment? This is so important! Now I don’t want to jinx your wedding day but it’s always better to be prepared than sorry.  A camera can fall and break, a car can be broken into with precious equipment, a downpour can cause water damage. Having back up equipment isn’t just for peace of mind.
  1. Experience: Ask your videographer how many years they have been shooting video for and how many videos/weddings do they work per year. Assuming you have booked your photographer, ask them what they think. Most wedding professionals are well connected and have worked together at some point.

One of our favorite local videographers is Rob from Films 111. Rob has an impeccable reputation for being professional, funny and creating masterpieces that will be family heirlooms for years to come. Take a look at one of the videos Rob made from one of our past weddings.