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10 Creative Guestbook Ideas

10 Creative Guestbook Ideas

Commemorating your wedding day, and the special people in your life you’ve hand-picked to spend the day with is a beautiful tradition. A guestbook is such a meaningful way to look back at the first step in your new journey together, and read comments and well wishes for a lifetime of happiness. While guestbooks have taken a turn for more creative outlets than just a book, the sentiment remains the same– for your guests to share their wishes with you in a way that will last forever.

At the Niverville Heritage Center, we’ve seen such a beautiful variety of guestbooks from the traditional to the unique. Here are some of our favourite creative guestbook ideas for you to consider for your upcoming big day!

1 – Classic Guestbook
You really can’t go wrong with a classic guestbook which leaves space for each guest to write their name, where they are from, and a little note if they feel like sharing. This classic approach means guests aren’t trying to come up with an additional message of well-wishes since most guests already wrote in a card. It can also easily be tucked away on a bookshelf or in a memory box for safe keeping and easy reminiscing.

2 – Picture Book
We’ve seen picture books presented in two unique and fun ways. The first is a picture book of the couple– images from their journey together, engagement photos, pictures from when they were kids, and other image-like mementoes are placed in a book for guests to sign around. The other way we’ve seen this done is where guests are provided with a Polaroid camera to take a picture with, then they place the image in a book and sign beside. It’s such a fun way to capture the day and the guests!

3 – Shadow Box
This one has been popping up a lot recently and for good reason– it’s simple and sweet! A shadow box is filled with signed wooden hearts or shape of your choosing. The filled box becomes a beautiful piece to hang in your home.

4 – Jenga!
If you’re a couple who loves to play games, this is the perfect option for you! Jenga blocks are signed by the guests so each time you and your new spouse play, you are reminded of your special day and can read all the messages as you try to build the tallest tower.

5 – Special Image
Is there a favourite image of the two of you that you both love? Maybe an image that speaks to you both as a couple? Have the image blown up with a lot of negative space around to create a great space for guests to sign their heartfelt messages in a way you can hang somewhere special.

6 – Date Jar
Married couples will agree, coming up with new date ideas can become tricky over time! Asking your guests to fill out an idea for a date, and sign their name at the bottom, provides a fun guest book you will look to for years to come! A fun plus to this option is that you can contact each guest once you complete their suggestion for a date night and let them know it goes! They will feel special when they know you followed through on their suggestion.

7 – Puzzle Pieces
Another one for the game lovers out there! Create a puzzle from a photo of you and your soon-to-be spouse and have guests sign the back of the pieces. When you put the puzzle together, you can reflect on the love from friends and family, then frame the final puzzle.

8 – Bench
If you and your spouse are moving into your first home together, a piece of outdoor furniture for guests to sign is a unique way to commemorate your wedding day and be reminded of the joy each time you step outside. An outdoor bench signed by guests provides memories and a comfy place to sit to reminisce about your wedding and marriage.

9 – Globe
If you and your future spouse love to travel, a globe may be an amazing guestbook option for you! Guests can be encouraged to mark a place they think you should travel to, and sign their name! You’ll have fun seeing where your guests think you’d like to visit, and your guests will have fun dreaming up the possibilities while they sign.

10 – Video Message
Technology has definitely graced us with some amazing ways to commemorate a wedding day! If you have an iPad, invite guests to record a short and sweet message to you. It can be anything from stating their name, where they came from, and a simple message, to sharing their advice for a happy marriage! Apps make it easy to combine all the videos into one that you can save┬áto look back at those who made your day extra special just by being there anytime you’d like!

While this list really does just scrape the surface of unique guest book ideas, we hope you gained some inspiration from reading our top 10 Creative Guestbook Ideas that sparked your own creative juices to choose a guestbook option as unique as you and your partner.

At the Niverville Heritage Centre, we can help make sure your creative guestbook idea is executed flawlessly. Our All-Inclusive Weddings mean we are there with you every step of the way to be sure it’s a flawless execution of one of the most amazing days of your life. To learn more, just click here.